Let’s Talk YLAI 2018!

Blessings everyone. It’s time to talk #YLAI2018. Special greetings Honduras and to the staff members at Caite. We especially like what we’ve been seeing on their website.

Let’s hear from Frank Solorzano, a 2017 YLAI Professional Fellow. Frank tells us about his company, where culture is expressed in one of the most unlikely ways, by what you wear on your feet! Right here in St. Lucia, a beautiful Caribbean island, we would definitely have an appreciation for the work that Frank and his team produces. Here’s why, we think you deserve a sneak peek!

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Caught your attention didn’t it?

In the video, Frank also shares with us, his experience in the YLAI program leading up to his pitch competition in the finals. Frank explains having to consult with his team back home before finally deciding to take the direction that he chose. Guess what? It paid off! He was able to deliver a pitch which took third place and gave him a golden ticket to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India!

Information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity too is available below.

Read the article on medium here.

So Let’s Talk YLAI 2018!

Mentoring the next generation of Entrepreneurs is important and ensuring that they receive some preparation and training for the YLAI program is something that we at SLUDTERA take very seriously. Frank has agreed to join the SLUDTERA Team as a Mentor to assist those persons interested in a similar field as he operates in, which includes Marketing.

Enroll in the Entrepreneurship Readiness Program today and better your chances of making it to the semi-finals and finals in the selection process of #YLAI 2018. Already enrolled? Apply for #YLAI2018 today and let’s get started!

Note: Your selection as a semi-finalist and finalist is solely based on the nature of your startup, how effectively you represent it in the application process and your ability to satisfy the YLAI Eligibility requirements. The 2016/2017 St. Lucian YLAI Alumni Professional Fellows do not guarantee that you will be selected for the program. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to prepare you, educate you, connect you, empower you and encourage you. Enrolling in the Entrepreneurship Readiness Program does not guarantee your selection, however it does guarantee to better prepare you and educate you for what the program entails, and provides you with the tools to present your startup in the city hub pitch competitions.

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SLUDTERA is an entrepreneurship support organization (ESO), Sourcing, Connecting, and Empowering, through Education, Training, and Entrepreneurship. We provide a platform of programs and initiatives that source, connect and empower youth, the unemployed, and Entrepreneurs, through education, training, and entrepreneurship. SLUDTERA will accomplish this goal by working in collaboration with businesses, units of government, educational institutions, labor, and community-based organizations.

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